A Solid Cover Indeed!

Talking from personal experience, should you ever get the chance to see Muse live: DO IT! The British rock trio are probably the greatest bands in the present day’s day in age, and by no means fail to put on some of the greatest live shows you’ll ever witness. The effects, presentation and music blends so well together, and it is one thing any rock fan will certainly appreciate.

Back in 2010, Muse performed Australia’s annual festival known as “Big Day Out.” Throughout their headlining performance, Muse brought up Jet lead singer Nic Cester to take on the vocals whereas Muse just provided the backing instrumentals. The consequence was unbelievable. Though it is extremely difficult to duplicate the great Brian Johnson (or Bon Scott, however this track was written after his passing), Cester did a pretty serviceable job! Overall, all of them sounded great together, and proved why the band are one of the best bands within the modern era.

Watch the superior cover down beneath! You won’t be disappointed and make sure you check out more of Muse’s work!


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